Mike Boff

Support Services Specialist

Have you ever heard of a Large Münsterlander? Mike Boff has – he’s training one (and an English Setter) to be his bird hunting dogs. Which came first, his love of dogs, or his interest (leading to a degree) in animal science? We may never know! What we do know is that we’re glad he changed career paths and chose to dive into IT.

Like many Safety Netters, Mike is a military guy, continuing to serve in the U.S. Army National Guard. That’s where he got his start as an Information Technology Specialist. A problem-solver, Mike loves a challenge and looks forward to the learning that comes with not immediately knowing an answer. In his role as a Support Services Specialist, he enjoys collaborating with teammates to provide great service and helping clients make the best use of their technology.

When not busy with work or training his dogs, Mike can be found hiking, kayaking, and enjoying the beauty of northern Michigan. He also enjoys weightlifting and playing or watching football. He has a competitive streak, always striving to be better today than he was yesterday. We know that is why he’ll do great things on Team Safety Net!