Lisa Bacon

Procurement & Administrative Coordinator

Can you believe Lisa Bacon never realized her initials (LB) mean pound... like a pound of Bacon!?!?  While (luckily) not full of terrible jokes or puns, Lisa is the dictionary definition of a dependable, conscientious, and all-around awesome colleague who loves making a difference in people's lives. She's the glue that holds the office together, and believe us when we say, we would be lost without her! Every day is different but she always ensures there's a process in place for success.

When she's not busy at the office making things happen behind the scenes, Lisa loves to hang out with her husband and daughter, especially at their rustic cabin in the U.P. While she keeps the lights on at Safety Net, she thinks electricity is overrated when getting away from it all.  She also enjoys snuggling with her pets - including her two cats, dog, and gecko (ok... no snuggles for the gecko, but lots of love). After nearly 20 years of experience at a local news outlet, it was safe to assume Lisa would get along with all types of people - co-workers and clients a like.  That assumption was spot on - her colleagues describe her as kind, compassionate, and thoughtful.  Quite truthfully, Lisa is our hero. She makes sure everyone has what they need to get through the day - including coffee and snacks!  Being the only full-time, on-site member of Team Safety Net, she’s so happy to see others in the office on their non-remote days!

Lisa continues to impress us as our Procurement and Administrative Coordinator. There is a quiet intelligence about Lisa that shines through her responsibilities of asset tracking, order entry, fleet and office management, and more!  She is an invaluable asset to our organization. Whether she's planning a company lunch or ensuring a smooth customer experience, Lisa is always up for a challenge. With her reliable optimism, Lisa truly is a Safety Net Rockstar, and we consider ourselves lucky to have her on our team!