Jonah Dornbos

Desktop Deployment Coordinator

Jonah Dornbos is a good man to have around in a crisis. That may be useful if his dream of sailing on the highly anticipated Titanic II comes to fruition! Jonah has a calm, quiet strength at his core. Maybe that comes from years of living in the wilds of Alaska. Whatever the case, his “cool” personality is ideal for his role as a Desktop Deployment Coordinator. Before joining Safety Net, Jonah worked for the Anchorage School District as a business process analyst, where he was part of a team that won the Denali Award for Customer Service. He prides himself in making technology more user friendly, training former staff mates on Microsoft Office and drafting user documentation for projects. Earlier in his career, Jonah was a Data Networking Specialist who helped resolve more than 3,000 technical issues. Jonah helps set up and deploy computers for our clients. No matter what you throw at him, Jonah does it all – efficiently, effectively and with a hint of humor that customers appreciate. His multi-tasking skills are already legendary. It’s not all work in Jonah’s world. He enjoys running and likes to barbecue. We are pretty sure he’s mastered how to keep that fire under control.