Joe Thorne

Network Technician

It’s a farmer, it’s a Veteran, it’s Joe Thorne!  Joe is a jack of all trades.  From manning his family’s homestead farm, to serving 10 years in the military (like many Safety Net team members), to continuing his IT education at Northwestern Michigan College, he does it all!  Joe joined us in the critical triaging role of Support Services Coordinator, making sure our clients receive excellent service.  His experience corralling animals (and kids) at home helped him keep the Support team in line!  With hard work and determination (neither are surprising!), Joe earned promotions to Support Services Specialist and Network Technician where he continues to provide that high-quality experience for clients and colleagues.

After the military, Joe worked in a variety of positions that helped him fine tune his sense of humor and communication skills.  He had his eye on Safety Net a while back, but the timing wasn’t quite right.  Fast forward to a career fair several months later, and “Joey,” as his closest friends call him, stopped by to catch up.  Again, the timing wasn’t quite right.  But just a couple weeks later, an opportunity opened up and Joe was the first person to come to mind.  We knew we’d be lucky enough to have him on board eventually, it was just a matter of when.

When Joe’s not addressing support requests or playing guitar for friends at work, you can find him at the lake with his family or riding his horse.  He is a jokester and full of energy.  After only a couple months on the job, he volunteered for a dizzy bat race at a local baseball game.  In front of hundreds of people, he dove right in and impressed us all with his spinning and balance skills.  Who knew the bat race was actually a perfect metaphor for Joe’s busy, but really well-run life!