Jen Marcenaro

Account Manager

After taking some Networking and Infrastructure classes at NMC, Jen knew there was something about IT that really drew her in.  Not surprisingly, she realized quickly she needed to get into a field that allowed her to work closely with people and stay busy all the time.  Safety Net made sense for those reasons.  She connected with our recruiting team, listened to our advice, and never gave up.  She was persistent, and boy are we glad she was!

Jen started as our Support Services Coordinator.  From there, she dove in as Desktop Deployment Coordinator - scheduling deployments, dotting all the I's and crossing all the T's.  When she wasn't tackling the organizational pieces of her role, she was out in the field getting new users or new machines set up for success.  She's always on the go - she does everything quickly, and with a crazy amount of enthusiasm, but she does it all well!  It's a pretty impressive combo.  The same can be said when she's not at work.  If you can track her down, she's likely working out, camping, or making messes with her monkey children.  (They’re not really monkeys; they just have the energy of a troop of chimpanzees – and we’re certain they get it from their mom!)

From Support Services to Desktop Deployment, Jen has really learned all things Safety Net from the ground up. She took that knowledge and her love of helping others to the next level as part of our Business Development team.  And now - she's where she was meant to be all along.  She's an Account Manager, serving as a technology liaison and strategic partner to our clients.

Her favorite part of Safety Net?  The people – future and existing clients and her colleagues.  That feeling is mutual – Jen brings a smile to the faces of everyone around her – people and monkeys alike!