Jen Marcenaro

Desktop Deployment Coordinator

After taking some Networking and Infrastructure classes at NMC, Jen knew there was something about IT that really drew her in.  Not surprisingly, she realized quickly she needed to get into a field that allowed her to work closely with people and stay busy all the time.  Safety Net made sense for those reasons.

Jen was an awesome teammate of ours in the past, but then she took some time off to enjoy life even more “up north.”  She spent a lot of time working out, camping, and making messes with her monkey children.  (They’re not really monkeys; they just have the energy of a troop of chimpanzees – and we’re certain they get it from their mom!)  When circumstances brought her family back to Traverse City, Jen couldn’t wait to get back into the swing of things at Safety Net.

Jen is always on the go!  She does everything fast – but she does it well.  It’s a pretty impressive combo.  In her most recent adventure with us, Jen is the Desktop Deployment Coordinator.  She loves the details and paperwork related to her position, as well as getting to tinker with the inner workings of computers.  Her favorite part of Safety Net?  The people – her clients and her colleagues.  That feeling is mutual – Jen brings a smile to the faces of everyone around her – people and monkeys alike!