Jason Ovaitt

Network Administrator

Jason Ovaitt loves hockey. His entire family is crazy for the sport. Both his son and daughter play on teams, and Jason is right there cheering them on whenever he can.

Hockey has some similarities to his role as a Network Administrator at Safety Net. Both require a fast pace and can be challenging at times. Jason is able to easily adapt working with our clients to ensure that their systems are running optimally.

Before joining Safety Net, Jason worked in various IT roles for local technology providers and manufacturers for 11 years. During that time, he gained extensive knowledge in Windows servers and network configuration. He also holds a Bachelors in Computer Information Systems from Ferris State University.

Jason enjoys the remote support capabilities that Safety Net has, because it lets him resolve client issues quickly and he can monitor performance and update systems without going onsite. Not to say he doesn’t enjoy meeting clients face-to-face. His laid-back, friendly personality makes him easy to approach and he is always willing to provide his insights. However, you may not want face-off with him on the ice … just kidding!