Jason Martin

Technical Alignment Manager

Jason Martin’s excitement about technology, his family, and all things active are contagious and bring out the best in those around him. As a father of three boys and a fur kid, Jason stays busy coaching flag football, taking on the role of Lego Batman in video games, and reminiscing about his days as a Jazzercise instructor!

A graduate of Central Michigan University (Fire up Chips!) Jason came to Safety Net with quite a bit of computer and network support experience, a CompTIA A+ certification under his belt, and numerous awards from previous employers for his outstanding customer service. He prides himself on continuously learning, focusing on a problem and working until it is solved, and having empathy in tough situations.

Jason knew the role of Technical Alignment Manager (TAM) was one for him when he realized how many people he would meet and learned of the variety of IT environments to which he’d be exposed. His love for all things IT and his natural leadership skills led him to a role managing the TAM department. His jovial personality, passionate attitude, and dedication to quality results make him a client favorite. He’s one of our favorites, too!

CompTIA A+, WatchGuard CNP