Garrett Smits

fractional CIO (fCIO)

An Illustrious Fractional CIO and IT guru, Garrett Smits prides himself on attention to detail, critical thinking, and executing with a sense of urgency. With nearly a decade of experience in the banking industry, and the exceptional ability to build strong relationships, he's the one our Detroit area clients turn to for IT strategy, budgeting, and overall technology guidance.

Apart from his technical prowess, this goofball, (his words not ours) is easy-going, approachable, and fiercely loyal to his customers, making him their perfect trusted advisor. Garrett loves collaborating with other Safety Net team members, getting to know his clients' needs better, and helping our company's core values shine through to our customers and the community.

When he's not busy crushing IT challenges and building client relationships, you can find him perfecting his swing on the golf course, dominating the pickleball court, or cruising around town on his trusty bicycle. With his positive attitude and can-do spirit, he dove right in to the Safety Net mantra of "Excellence Every Day."  Garrett is always ready to go above and beyond to exceed his own goals and positively impact those around him. Whatever, wherever, and whenever - you can count on him to deliver exceptional results.

HDI Support Center Manager