Gail Ashley

Administrative Coordinator & Facilities Manager

Gail Ashley is a helper.  Whether it's adopting doggos or doing whatever it takes to lighten the load on her teammates - she's always willing to help.  She's the friendly face that will greet you at the front door, and the kind voice on the other end of the line when you call.  She's also the one who makes sure shipments get to the right person, that our offices are in tip-top shape, that licenses are renewed, and that our vehicles run safely.  She does it all!

Gail's passion for administrative work led her to earn a degree in Business Administration from Grand Valley Status University.  She's worked in human resources, as an Executive Assistant, and most recently as an Operations Assistant for a local building materials distributor.  She was ready for a new challenge and does a fantastic job of tackling everything that's thrown her way.

When she's not holding down the Safety Net fort, Gail can be found hiking with her two dogs and husband, reading a good book with a dog or two by her side, and diving into self-improvement.  She's an empathetic listener who sees things from multiple viewpoints, which makes her a fit for working with vendors and clients alike.  She's quiet at first, but spend a little time talking with her and you'll find out she's a sucker for chocolate chip cookies (in case you want to drop some off), and she has a great sense of humor!