Evan Biedenbach

Network Administrator

Evan Biedenbach is a really nice guy, which makes him ideal for his role of Network Administrator. Clients enjoy working with him, and his quiet competence and easy going ways inspire confidence in people who are fortunate enough to work with him.

His interests are eclectic—he loves video games and creating music. Most of all, he loves tinkering with computers. He’s built several from scratch, and he is continually upgrading the components to improve performance. Evan’s also creative, constantly thinking of new ways to refine processes, better system performance or improve his music. His dog is already perfect, which is why he loves just hanging out with him in his spare time.

In addition to his creative pursuits, Evan is a hard worker. If his face looks familiar, it might be because he helped you with a technical issue during his stint at Best Buy and Micro Electronics. At both jobs he worked with customers to answer their technical questions and help them select the right solution to meet their needs. His early experience as a line and prep cook helps ensure that he knows how to work fast.

Evan holds multiple certifications in technical areas, including CompTIA A+ and Network+. He recently earned an Associate’s degree in Computer Information Technology from Northwestern Michigan College. His unique combination of real world customer experience, key certifications and academic courses means that any clients that Evan supports are very lucky customers indeed.