Eric Rodriguez

Senior Network Technician

Eric joined our Farmington Hills team in late 2017 after working in IT for the automotive industry.  He’s the kind of guy who enjoys the challenge of solving complex problems.  With a bachelor’s degree in computer networking, Eric is a quick learner and isn’t afraid to make a decision because he has the knowledge to back it up.

When he’s not diagnosing computer or network glitches, Eric might be playing video games, watching the New York Giants, or shooting hoops with his close-knit family.  Some have described him as “stoic.”  We see him as someone who is humble and super-focused on the task at hand.  Rest assured, while he is a matter-of-fact guy, he also knows some great jokes to keep the mood light!

One of Eric’s favorite activities is finding a permanent fix for recurring issues.  He’s successful at it thanks to his out-of-the-box thinking skills.  He fits right in as a Network Technician, and we’re excited to grow with him.  We have no doubt he’ll accomplish whatever he sets out to do.  Eric is as passionate about achieving his IT goals as his NFL favorites are about scoring theirs!