Eric Anderson

Senior Network Engineer 

Eric Anderson is much like Dos Equis’ “The Most Interesting Man in the World,” but specifically for IT. This well-traveled adventurer has honed his technology skills across the globe, in far-off locations from the South Pole to the Middle East.

He got an early start in technology. Eric’s father worked in IT for a Fortune 500. So, he would spend his childhood weekends swapping out backup tapes. His career began as a Technical Operations manager for the largest computer retailer in Metro Detroit. He went on to work abroad as a Supervisor of Network Operations for the National Science Foundation and later a Senior System Administrator and Information Assurance Security Officer for the Federal Government.

Along the way, Eric has earned a number of certifications, including Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Cisco Certified Network Associate, and GIAC Certified Incident Handler.

Eric has parlayed many of these unique experiences into his role as Senior Network Engineer responsible for our clients’ infrastructure projects. Having worked in some inhospitable environments, he has a calm competence under pressure and can concentrate on getting the job done. He is also skilled at communicating complex concepts to clients, so they can better understand technology.

When Eric is not busy at work, you may find him exploring watery depths as a scuba diver or high above us in the skies. He’s had his pilot’s license since he was a teenager. Take that Dos Equis man!