Dustin Eldridge

Network Administrator

Some people are just meant to live in Northern Michigan.  Dustin Eldridge is one of them.  He took it to the extreme for a while and ventured to the UP for about 10 years.  Only a brave soul would choose to live somewhere that averages over 200 inches of snow per year.  Lucky for us, in 2019, he made the move south of the bridge (reducing his average annual snowfall by nearly five feet).

Since earning his degree from University of Phoenix, Dustin has supported the IT needs of small to mid-size businesses, both in the UP and the Traverse City area.  As a Network Admin with Safety Net, he helps his colleagues with more challenging support requests – teaching them along the way.  He loves a good meme (who doesn’t?!), chatting with clients, and learning new things on the job.

Outside of work, you’ll often find him working on home improvement projects, playing video games, or hanging out with his wife and cats.  We won’t hold the cats against him, but we will continue to encourage him to consider life with dogs!  Dustin is a down to earth guy, who is easy to talk to, and has a very calm demeanor.  Once you get him out on the disc golf course, you find out he’s quite fun to be around – and incredibly determined.

Apple Repair Technician/OS Technician