Devin Gordon

Support Services Specialist

Meet Devin, the friendly, self-proclaimed "slightly ridiculous" Support Services Coordinator with a warm personality and a strong work ethic. Devin has found his calling in the fast-paced world of client services.

Despite starting his career as a chef, Devin made a complete career change and is now pursuing a degree in Computer Information Technology. He has already made the Dean’s list at Northwestern Michigan College and is passionate about expanding his knowledge in the field.

In his spare time, Devin can be found experimenting with new cooking techniques and continuing his IT studies. Most importantly, his love for video games isn't to be taken lightly... he took advantage of downtime during COVID and he beat all the main Legend of Zelda games in less than six months!

Devin loves collaborating with people who inspire him to learn, and troubleshooting issues to find resolutions. He is a natural communicator who thrives under pressure. With a friendly and empathetic demeanor, Devin goes the extra mile to build positive relationships with clients and peers.

If you're lucky enough to work with Devin, you'll quickly find that he's not your average IT guy. He's more like the Gordon Ramsay of client services, except instead of yelling at you for undercooked scallops, he's attacking service tickets to get them resolved. With a sense of humor that could rival the funniest stand-up comedians, Devin brings a lighthearted and enjoyable atmosphere to the workplace. He is the perfect blend of technical know-how and comedic timing.