Chris Reid

Systems Administrator

Chris Reid is one of those life-long learners.  He continues to take college courses simply because he loves gathering in-depth knowledge about a variety of topics.  His first degree is from Baker College – where he focused on Information Technology, specifically computer networking.  Next, he enrolled at NMC and earned a degree in Audio Technology. Starting as a member of our Support Services Group, Chris's attention to detail and love of "behind the scenes" stuff led him to the role of Systems Administrator in our Centralize Services group.  After a short stint away from Safety Net, he's back on our Support Team!

When he’s not busy studying, you may find Chris playing one of four instruments in his home music studio, or diving into a single-player action/adventure video game.  He takes in at least two movies a week at a local theater.  How does he find the time!?!?

Chris is dedicated.  Whether it’s solving seemingly unsolvable problems, going the extra mile, or coming back to Safety Net after a brief hiatus – you can count on him to get it done.  His caring personality shines through in everything he does, and we look forward to his smile each and every day!