Chris Kuzmin

Desktop Deployment Technician

Chris Kuzmin joined Safety Net as an intern on our Desktop Deployment team. Within a couple of months, Chris’s dedication, integrity, and adaptability showed just how valuable he is, and we brought him on full-time.

Like many at Safety Net, Chris got his start in the armed forces.  He served in The U.S. Army prior to earning his Associates in IT from Baker College in Cadillac.  Since then, he has had IT experience in both education and healthcare.

When not at work, you’ll find Chris playing with his kids, often while out grilling or bird watching.  His favorites are the mating pair of pileated woodpeckers that visit his house regularly.  I hope they have headphones – those birds can be loud!

Chris is an awesome team player.  It’s clear that he takes pride in his work, achieves the goals he sets for himself, and does it all with a twist of fun.  He really enjoys learning about new technology, being exposed to different software, and the satisfaction of delivering a new computer to a happy Safety Net client!