Cherie Meredith

Accounting & HR Administrator

Cherie Meredith really can represent! She spent years representing her two sons as a cheering fan with their many activities. Making sure they accomplished victory as often as possible, she fueled their energy by cooking 10 meals a day. Not only did she do all this plus her job, she found time for music and gardening.

It’s very difficult and demanding to orchestrate a harmony where everything runs smoothly for both clients and everyone here in the office. That’s what Cherie does, and she does it well. As Accounting & HR Administrator, she persistently problem solves to ensure everything is handled properly.

Cherie has had plenty of practice helping people. After getting her bachelor’s degree from Central Michigan University, she managed 4 different apartment complexes, and worked as a Division Administrator for Gene B. Glick Management Company in Indianapolis. She was also Executive Assistant to two VP’s at Munson Hospital and was Marketing Coordinator for Emergency Consultants.

Cherie may be super organized, but that seems to make her happy, since we always see her smiling.