Chad Bredahl

Support Services Specialist

Chad got his start in IT supporting POS systems. The early days of Safety Net involved much of the same type of support. Both have since moved on from the days of cash registers and receipt printers… come to think of it, so has a lot of the world! Who would’ve imagined email or text receipts from your most recent shopping trip or restaurant visit? Anyway, after some time in the manufacturing world, Chad was ready to get back to technology. Hired originally as the Support Services Coordinator, Chad was quickly promoted to Support Services Specialist when his knack for getting to the bottom of things was noticed by his teammates and leadership.

Like many at Safety Net, Chad graduated from Northwestern Michigan College. Another commonality… He finds a lot of satisfaction in helping people and continuous learning. Self-described as creative, outlets like 3D printing and DIY projects keep his right brain active and provide a break from the analytical nature of IT support. A great listener who thrives on interaction, Chad is an understanding, thoughtful (and goofy) guy.

B movie fans out there may think Chad looks familiar… But our background check confirmed he is not, in fact, Bruce Campbell of the “Evil Dead” series.