Caebryn Crabtree

Business Development Representative

Caebryn’s dream was to be an NBA player. While that hasn’t happened (yet), his competitive nature hasn’t gone away. He doesn’t like to lose, and that drives him to be his very best. Often the most up-beat one in the room (or virtual meeting), his attitude is contagious and makes people smile or laugh regularly.

After a short stint out of state, Caebryn returned to Michigan to wrap up his Business Administration degree at Cleary University and join the business development team at Safety Net. When he’s not networking throughout southeast Michigan, you can find him snowboarding in the winter, or golfing in the summer. Caebryn is dedicated to learning and helping others – both professionally and personally. One of his most recent acts of kindness? Adopting a husky who needed a loving, patient, active home! That’s one lucky dog.

If you want to talk to someone about how Safety Net can help your business, or if you want to meet on the court for a tough game of one-on-one, Caebryn’s your guy!