Bryce Hekner

Support Services Specialist

Bryce Herkner has always been fascinated by technology, from audio engineering and mobile electronics to traditional "IT."  His passion for computers and helping people led him to Safety Net, first as an intern, and shortly after as a Support Services Coordinator.  He was most recently promoted to the role of Support Services Specialist.

When he's not busy troubleshooting, you may find Bryce studying for his classes through Ferris State where he is pursuing a Bachelors in Computer Information Technology.  Work and school can't make a life complete, so he'll take time to relax at music festivals, or playing video games. Bryce is a competitor by nature, and he enjoys challenging himself to improve and success - at his desk or on the disc golf course!

Known for his compassion and loyalty, Bryce treats people with kindness and respect, building strong relationships which helps him achieve success.  One of his favorite things about his job is problem-solving with teammates. He loves working together to find solutions and overcome obstacles. He also enjoy company-wide meetings where we can all come together and have a good laugh. And of course, group lunches are always a highlight because Bryce loves food and spending time with my colleagues.

Passionate and optimistic, Bryce always try to bring energy to everything I do.  Sometimes his energy can make him a little loud!  (Good thing we have sound absorption panels in the NOC!) Bryce is a rising star at Safety Net and we're excited to see where his path takes him!

CompTIA A+