Brian Tschirhart

Deployment Technician

Brian Tschirhart jumped at the opportunity to return to the Traverse City area and join Safety Net as a Deployment Technician.  We knew he’d be a terrific addition to the team when he offered suggestions for beating the cold one of us was fighting during the interview process.  His caring nature is a perfect complement to his love of being a husband and a dad.  He’s approachable, easy to talk to, and dedicated to getting the job done.

Brian holds several Microsoft certifications and is a certified sports nut.  His dedication is impressive; he’s a 20-year season ticket holder for MSU football (GoGreen!).  He opts to focus on the lighter side of life – which is why he’s still a die-hard Tigers fan after last season.  He always has a smile to share, and Brian laughs at just about everything, including jokes told by some of his less-funny colleagues during weekly group lunches.

After nearly two decades providing top-level IT service in manufacturing, healthcare and the government sector, Brian is excited to dig into deployments and new project work with our clients.  He has a passion for data and network security, disaster recovery initiatives and continuous learning.  Whether it’s teaching his daughter to appreciate classic rock music or talking a client through a process related to their new hardware, he prides himself on communicating clearly and respectfully with everyone.

Brian loves to travel with his family; I wonder how many road trips he’ll take to MSU now that he’s settled Up North!