Brian Kindt

Deployment Engineer

When it comes to Deployment Engineers, you "Kindt" get much better than Brian! While his time at the University of Michigan (Go blue!) made him a Wolverine at heart, his return to Traverse City helped him down the path toward an exciting career in IT! Previously a Data Analyst, Network Engineer, and IT Director, Brian's experience makes him a naturally great fit on our Professional Services Team. Talk about a wide variety of responsibilities, anything from configuring a firewall, to builidng new servers, and the occassional deployment of new networking equipment, Brian is always busy!

While you'll rarely hear much out of Brian (he's more quiet and reserved than most on Team Safety Net), we can assure you, Brian is loyal and refreshingly honest.  He meets each task with a wealth of industry knowledge, and the determination to provide outstanding service to every customer.

Like many in Michigan, Brian often finds himself enjoying the nature that surrounds him.  Water sports keep him busy in the summer, hiking and biking fill in the other 10 months of the year!

CompTIA A+, Nework+, Security+, and CSA+, CCNA, CCNA CyberOps