Brendan Tinker

Systems Administrator

If you Google Oakland University, you'll see their motto - "Where Dreamers Become Leaders."  Brendan Tinker is, without a doubt, a dreamer - he and his wife regularly visit Walt Disney World!  And he has all the qualities you'd expect in a leader - he's passionate, he's always willing to lend a hand, and he never backs down from a challenge.  It sounds like he chose the right place to study and earn a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice.  The Information Security and Assurance specialty is where a career in IT makes sense!

Brendan is a team-player who views every day as an opportunity to grow.  When his first support position was eliminated during the pandemic, he tried his hand at something new.  He still got to work with people and help them, but it wasn't technology-specific, which is where he wanted to be.  Fast forward to Safety Net - and those dreams of helping people with their technology issues became his reality again!  Brendan immediately clicked with his teammates and regularly receives rave reviews from clients.  Just a few short months after joining the team, his hard work paid off, and Brendan was promoted for the first time... a few more months and a lot more hard work, and Brendan earner promotion number two!

Brendan does some of his best work under pressure, so he doesn't mind the occasional stress that comes with working in a support role.  In the midst of a busy day, he loves a good joke - recognizing the importance of taking a break to enjoy the moment.  When he's not at work or riding Space Mountain, Brendan enjoys running and reading.  He's a consummate learner and we're excited to see where his path takes him.