Beth Holmes-Bozung


Being a lighthouse keeper was one of the hardest jobs a century ago. Keepers worked long hours and frequently put their own lives at risk to keep others safe. They had to work in blizzards, hurricanes, and gale force winds. This was not a job for the faint of heart. Beth Holmes-Bozung is our lighthouse keeper. No, she doesn’t climb tall structures with winding staircases, but she does keep the team at Safety Net running efficiently and productively. She pays close attention to our client’s needs on small and large scales, and keeps them safe in the ocean of information technology. When she spots something amiss, she shines a light on it for the rest of the team to see clearly. And then we yell, “Hey, get that light otta our face!” and wait for the spots to clear. In her role as Principal and Co-founder of Safety Net, Beth is responsible for human resources, internal operations, sales, and marketing, and shares strategic oversight with her husband and partner, Kevin. When she’s not at the office, Beth is enjoying the Michigan outdoors with Kevin and their two young children. She enjoys music and travel, reads geeky business books for fun, and pretends to be a runner. Beth also serves on various local boards. She is a proud cheerleader for the Greater Grand Traverse region and for growing talent throughout Michigan. She holds a BBA from the Lee Honors College at Western Michigan University. We’re also pretty sure in a previous life she was certified in Lighthouse Management, and we’re combing the archives to find out for sure!