Ariane Sarasin

Administrative Coordinator & Facilities Manager

When it comes to organization, Ariane Sarasin is a pro. As an Administrative Coordinator and a new mom, she needs all the coordination skills that she can muster. Truthfully, she makes it look easy. Ariane monitors the purchasing and receiving of our clients’ orders, making sure that suppliers deliver on time. She also answers and triages support calls, often times helping to troubleshoot and resolve minor issues.

We’re pretty sure Ariane’s uncanny attention to detail comes naturally, not even a BA in Organizational Communication from Western Michigan University (Go Broncos. Go!) can teach someone to have such a keen eye. Ariane very effectively employs her secret weapons – Post-It notes (preferably purple) and lots of coffee!

If you visit Safety Net’s headquarters in Traverse City, she will be the first to greet you, with a smile of course. Despite her busy work schedule, she still finds time to enjoy hiking, reading, and just hanging with her family.

Prior to joining Safety Net, she held positions auditing, proofreading, and coordinating events and projects in the pharmaceutical, financial services, and infant nutrition industries. With all her duties, you might think Ariane is a serious gal, but she’s got a sharp wit and is a lot of fun to have around. Her efforts to keep things in order help the Safety Net team function smoothly and provide our clients with the great service they deserve.

Oh, one last thing… it’s pronounced like Maryanne, without the “m!”