Andy Littlefield

Systems Administrator

After over 20 years in the United States Navy, Andy continued to live abroad working as a System Administrator and Sharepoint Developer.  Upon his return to the States, we’re fortunate he landed in northern Michigan!

Andy’s interests are as varied as the places he’s lived.  He is a quiet, creative guy who enjoys composing music and recording it in his home studio.  You’ll find him travelling often – anywhere and everywhere.  Andy also loves to cook – we’re excited for upcoming potlucks and hope he’ll participate.

Always known as “the quiet guy,” Andy is a listener with purpose.  He is open minded, taking everyone’s input into consideration, and then combining the ideas of others with his own experiences to make decisions.  He’s pragmatic and a continuous learner.

With expertise in Sharepoint, Andy is a great addition to the team as cloud computing and use of Office365 becomes more viable and attractive.  He brings the mind of a problem solver to the table – always willing to share his knowledge while learning from his colleagues.  Whether tackling a problem on his own or collaborating with the team – Andy will get the job done.  No doubts about that!

Security+, MTA