AJ Joria

Systems Technician

Every IT company has to have a crazy cat person. AJ Joria fills that spot at Safety Net. Their cats, Felix and Katniss keep them company while they play video games and exercise their voice for regular karaoke performances.

AJ has years of experience in customer service – from running the switchboard at Interlochen Arts Academy, to managing reservations for local hotels, to supporting guests at a local homeless shelter, and growing through the ranks at their family’s resale business. They have the tact and integrity to work through the most challenging situations.

When they joined Safety Net as Support Services Coordinator, AJ enjoyed speaking with or emailing clients, accurately documenting information on support tickets, and learning more about IT – a field that’s always been of interest. AJ loves to help however possible, and they does so with a refreshing smile. Their attention to detail and desire to dig in and solve problems made them a perfect fit for the role of Systems Technician when it became available. We're lucky to have such flexibility in a teammate like AJ!

If you’re out and about at karaoke night, listen for Torn by Natalie Imbruglia or Bubbly by Colbie Caillat – it just might be AJ you hear singing!