Abe Walters

Proactive Network Engineer

Abe fancies himself an outdoorsman.  He enjoys dirt biking and shooting.  He has a unique snowboard that he used to ride a lot, but he’s taken a break from the slopes with the addition of a little one to his family.  Seems like a decent tradeoff to us!  Like many of his Safety Net colleagues, Abe still takes time for himself to play video games.

Abe attended NMC, where he built a solid foundation for many certifications he subsequently earned.  He put those certifications to good use while working for a local broadcast company where he provided the IT support for a popular radio station group.  A jack of many trades in that position, he has a knack for all things technical, mechanical, and electrical.  He can also fix anything on an old Subaru!

Abe is a real go-getter.  He dives in feet first and gets the job done.  He prides himself on being resourceful, responsible, creative, and dedicated to completing the task at hand.  Abe’s smile and laugh are contagious.  We’re lucky to have this friendly guy on the team!
CompTIA A+, Net+, Sec+, MCTS