Network Virtualization

You need IT solutions that save time and money. Safety Net experts will help by bringing virtualization technologies to your business.

Server Virtualization

Use a fraction of the hardware to consolidate your servers – mail, file, database and more. You’ll save money on hardware, reduce licensing costs and realize significant energy savings. By implementing clustered configurations, we can help increase uptime and reduce maintenance window time. Server virtualization can also be essential to a good disaster recovery plan.

Desktop Virtualization

Reduce energy costs by up to 80% and lower ongoing IT maintenance and computer hardware costs by allowing Safety Net to customize software and hardware solutions to fit your needs.

Storage Virtualization

Businesses everywhere are realizing the convenience and efficiency of storage area networks to consolidate storage and reduce IT management costs. Used in combination with server virtualization, we can create high-availability server solutions for maximum reliability and uptime.

Safety Net is a Dell Certified Enterprise Architect and our staff is trained in the latest storage products, including Dell PowerEdge, EqualLogic. These products work seamlessly with VMware virtualization technology, allowing ease of management for your entire virtualized infrastructure.

Safety Net is a VMware professional partner. Their technology leads the industry for a reason: it is the most flexible, most reliable, best supported,and best performing virtualization platform available. We’ll help ensure your business gets the best return on investment for the long term. Find out more.

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